Mission Statement

Creating a Revolutionary Digital Presence to Project Your Company’s Vision

Who Are We?


After perfecting his skills in the IT industry for many years and working in the consulting field helping clients to achieve their goals, the founder of Yashaa realized the need of simple yet unique marketing strategies for all levels of business and just how hard they are to find. He decided to bring his years of experience along with his technical team to join forces with a diverse group of e-technology pioneers creating Yashaa Global, and offering a fresh, new digital presence, and aiding their client’s passion. Our founder being a super scholarly cool kid (a nerd) knew that to be successful in this field he needed a mixture of super trendy cool kids and super scholarly cool kids and he managed to bring them together forming a team of e-technology innovators that have turned the digital marketing world on its head. The super trendy cool kids, the executives, know the current inclinations for marketing and using that along with their research our super scholarly cool kids from our technical team keeps upping the game by giving their clients ‘Wow’ moments, making YashaaGlobal a trendsetter in this thriving digital world.




Why Choose Us?


Our Testimonials

Aher Group Consulting

As a small business owner, it was refreshing to work with a marketing professional that understood that my time is important. He took the time to figure out exactly what I wanted and then delivered a product that I can be proud to distribute to my customers and potential customers. The company was easy to work with and I will look to them in the future for my logo and digital design needs.

Ultravision International

The professionalism that I encountered from all the members of this company was outstanding. They worked with me to create all my digital marketing needs very quickly. They kept me informed every step of the way and I never felt like I was “out of the loop.” The entire process was easy, and I feel like they listened to what I wanted, not just tried to push some outdated designs on me like other companies have tried to do. I am very happy with the end results and thankful for their ability to listen to my wants and fulfill my needs.

Creative H

After working with the team at Yashaa Global, my business has increased, and I get asked all the time, “Who designed your logo?” I’m very happy with the end product.

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