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What is Social Media?

Social media is a platform where people from all communities and demographics can connect and socialize in real-time using their mobiles or computers. Social media has virtually created the planet's a smaller place. Social media is a strong method to connect with your audience and understand what they are saying. It can be used to develop brand credibility and keep a healthy engaging relationship with your target audience. You can interact with your customers using various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and all of these can lead to conversions. An important point to be noted here is that you cannot always talk about your products or services while marketing on social media. People like to see content that is viral or that is entertaining as per their demands. Hence, it’s the audience that drives the content creation for social media.

Why is Social Media important?

As stated earlier, most of the world with the advancement of the internet is using social media. Social media has gone way ahead of print media for content. This content can be engaging videos or images or some social posts as well. What makes social media eventful is the interactions people can have with each other in real-time despite all the differences. Social media has made it easier to let others know how they feel and interact with each other. Having said this, it’s also used by every major brand to socialize and interact with their customers.

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Some of the important things social media can help you achieve are:

  • Create brand awareness and loyalty amongst customers and keep them updated about new products or services that are being launched by the organization
  • Help the customers in real-time and have an engaging audience to increase the reach of the business
  • Target new audience and drive traffic to the website to convert them into sales
  • Create a brand personality and develop it to attract new potential clients/customers to the business
  • Social media can be used to enhance SEO for your website
  • It’s very cost-effective and can be a great marketing tool to target a new audience and make a great impact on your business
  • Customer testimonial videos on social media can help to build the end consumer's trust in your business and this can be an important factor that will drive conversions from traffic.
  • Social media can help you understand the market, by studying the audience's behaviour. This would eventually help you design a good marketing strategy to capture the market and get ahead of your competitors. Social media can also be used for competitor analysis and check what the competitors are doing and how can you go toe to toe against them to acquire the bigger market share.

How can we help you?

With our team of global experts at Yashaa, we can drive traffic to your website using Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn channels. All of these channels need a different type of content that will entice the audience i.e. Instagram content is all about images while Facebook can be about posts. Our team is well trained and has a clear understanding of what will help you achieve your business goals by driving traffic. Social media needs content to be posted on a regular basis which is something our team is capable of doing. So, what are you waiting for? We are just a call away from helping you get your business up and running in no time!

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Reasons to go with YashaaGlobal

  • We are local to you, we are your local digital marketing firm.
  • We strategies according to your needs and your pace.
  • We don’t sublet our work – everything is done by digital experts within the Yashaa Family.
  • We provide your measurable results.
  • We provide you timely reports.
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When can we start?

Whenever you are ready, let’s set up a meeting with Jacksonville Digital Marketing Firm.

Yes, we can. The YashaaGlobal team will have a strategy set up for you and we will update you every step of the way.

Yes, we do. The YashaaGlobal team has digital marketing experts on board who can manage, or help you manage your digital marketing campaign.

Yes, the YashaaGlobal team provides periodic reports as defined by the strategy and the campaign.

The YashaaGlobal team understands that’s a concern for every business owner, but we understand every business is different, and that’s why we do not apply a one size fits all strategy for all of our client’s and we customize every campaign. Let’s talk, let us understand your needs and products then the strategy can define the cost.


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