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On-page SEO

The optimization is done on the page itself to make it search engine friendly is called on-page SEO. This includes high-quality content, keyword research, and its optimization. The goal of On-page SEO is to help the search engines recognize the words you want to rank for. It increases your chances of ranking for your focus keywords.

The key elements of On-page SEO include

  • On-page copy, images, and videos
  • Meta descriptions and title tags
  • Image alt text
  • HTML headings
  • URL strings
  • Inter-linking structure
  • Keyword research
  • Speed of the website
  • Quality of content
  • Mobile-friendly pages
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The importance of on-page SEO

On-page SEO can have a big impact on the ranking of your web page. It helps search engines to understand your website and its content. According to a study carried out, the page which ranks first on the search engine drives about 91.5 % of the total traffic. From which approximately 33% is gained by targeted keywords. So you must select the right keywords for optimization of your page. Content is another element of on-page SEO. Creating good and high-quality content can increase your chances of ranking higher. Moreover, it makes your website user and SEO-friendly.

Why choose us?

At YashaaGlobal, our experts have lived and grown up with SEO whether that’s SEO and organic SEO or social media SEO. We provide a first-class SEO along with SEO web design, keyword research, and content development, which puts you in front of your prospective clients.

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Reasons to go with YashaaGlobal

  • We are local to you, we are the best web-development services.
  • We develop unique web services according to your needs and your pace.
  • We don’t sublet our work – everything is done by Web Design and Web Development professionals in the Yashaa Family.
  • All our websites are mobile optimized.
  • All our website work is SEO ready.
  • We follow best security practices.
  • We provide a workmanship guarantee.
  • We provide on-going maintenance and management.
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When can we start?

Whenever you are ready, let’s set up a meeting.

Yes, we can. The Yashaa Global team will have a strategy set up for you and we will update you on every step of the way.

Yes, we do. Yashaa Global is a one stop shop for all your digital needs.

Yes, the YashaaGlobal team can work on any integration projects.

Yes, the YashaaGlobal team can work on any integration projects.

Yes, the YashaaGlobal team can work on any integration projects.

Yes, we can provide training to your staff.

The Yashaa Global team understands that’s a question for every business owner, but we also understand every website is different that’s why we do not apply a one size fits all strategy for all our clients. Let’s talk, let us understand your needs and your products then the strategy can define the cost.


Turn Your Website into A Revenue Generating Machine.

At YashaaGlobal, a Jacksonville SEO Company, we take consistent SEO efforts that can rank your website at the top of the search engine results with our result-driven strategies, ultimately boosting the traffic of your website and increasing your chances of conversion.

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