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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a marketing tool which is only fruitful when used with the right approach. This right approach comes with the passing of time and experience. The SEO, website authority, content and design work is wastage if your visitors are not subscribing to you. Subscribers are very accurate measures which tell you if your website is engaging people or not. First of all knowing what an Email marketing strategy is, how to use it, and when to use it are important. To be helpful, engaging and interesting is the key when it comes to Email marketing.

Let’s get started with understanding Email marketing Strategy. When you visit any website, it gives you the option of subscribing to the newsletter or updates regarding mail, for which you have to put your email ID and other information. It can be weekly, monthly or even a daily newsletter in which the service website tries to woo their customers to buy the product.. This tactic works only when used right; otherwise the subscriber will hesitate and may end up putting you in their spam list. Remember that you are building this B2C relationship with the customer. If it’s not going to be interesting then they are going to unsubscribe and may end up reporting you as spam. At YashaaGlobal, we try to encourage more engagement with Email marketing and our approach is limitless.

Here we will learn to manage content, subject line and approach, so let’s dig deep into the concept of Email marketing from the customer’s prospective. The first thing you should care about while writing an email to your subscribers is the “Subject Line”.

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Subject line

Your subject line is the first thing your subscriber will look at after opening his/her inbox. There are certain elements which your subject line should have; it should be Eye catching, Relevant and curiosity generating. If your subscriber isn’t clicking on your email then the whole idea of you crafting your mail for them will be in vain.

An eye catching subject line works most of the time for businesses. You can write a Discount related headline as your subject line but helping your customer with their specific needs is the best thing you can do.
For example: Suppose you are a furniture seller online. You ask people to subscribe to your newsletter so they can get tips from your team on furniture maintenance. This way you can write a subject line like “5 do’s and do not’s when it comes to furniture maintenance”. They are surely going to click on that because of its helpful approach.

As relevance of your content matters in every marketing tactic, it works same in Email marketing also. If you don’t want to get spammed, keep serving your subscribers the things they are looking for. A good way to promote your business over mail is to set your customer’s mood and then make them buy or promote your business online.
For example: Jacob signed up your newsletter for Swimming tips and you are sending him mail with the subject line “Locations of nearby swimming clubs” he is just isn’t going to click on that mail. He may even put your email in the spam list for your unworthy content.

Generating Curiosity is the last important factor you should not ignore while writing a subject line. With your eye catching phases, the subject line should provide a question of why is this different from the other information available online. br For Example: You can change your simple subject line with “5 pro tips for swimming (The last one will shock you)”, so that subscriber will have this urge of clicking on the mail because he wants to check the last one.

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Mail Body

Mail body is another factor which you should consider while writing your mail. Email body should contain either a story pattern or a helping pattern. No subscriber wants to read mail full of services and pricing. They’ve subscribed you for a reason. It’s your chance to pay them back. You of course can create a body which directs the subscriber to your website to take an action. For example you can tell your subscriber a story and at the bottom of that content, you can put your sell link. Your story will work for you as your promotional tool. Anyone reading your mail can share your content on his Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile and more people will see it, and it will eventually bring your company more business or increase your sales. It can also drive traffic to you from their social profiles. There is a chance that the people who are sharing your content on their social media profiles won’t buy products or service directly from you but by sharing it on social media, they are bringing business to you.

Break your content

Breaking your content and showing it with the help of clickable links in the mail body is another way to drive traffic to your website. For example if you are about those “5 pro tips to be good at swimming,” then you should write 2 tips in the mail and direct your subscriber to click on the website link to read the rest of them. That way you can showcase your products and services there. Selling yourself directly in the mail body is never a good option until and unless you are a full fledged E- commerce website.
These are the major factors which you should keep in mind while writing mail to your customer or subscriber.

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