How do you improve your website traffic?

How do you improve your website traffic

How do you improve your website traffic?, This is the question many people ask, and a lot of them would like to think there are shortcuts to increase the traffic on your website.

Although there are multiple ways to do this, none of them are shortcuts. With this article, we are going to try to give you an ‘eagle-eye’ view of the process, how the traffic can be increased on your website.

In this blog we will explain few simple facts to improve your Traffic;

Eye catching web-design with a user-friendly UI (User Interface)

A lot of people think, Web-design, is just as simple as naming the pages and adding some pictures & graphics to them. These days, it may seem like it’s that easy, but unfortunately, it’s not. There are multiple ways web design affects your session rates, bounce rate, and customer retention, and that is all explained in our blog ‘how web design impacts your business‘ on our YashaaGlobal Blog Page.

Secure and Strong Web-development

Often you go on a website and that website is slow, it takes a long-time to load, the pages are slow and some of the links don’t even open, that’s a side effect of bad web development.

Even simple web development needs strong, logical codes for it to run smoothly. When a client gets on your website and they see slow results or don’t feel secure, they do not come back to your site for their own security. That’s the reason, we always say, the best web development company is needed for your online success. To build a strong and smooth running website you need to be very careful picking the right Web-Design Company and here is our suggestion how to pick a good Web-Development Company.

Search Engine Optimized Website along with non-shortcut SEO

People think SEO is easy, and it is easy if you know what you are doing. However, a multimillion-dollar company like Google would not focus on it so much and spend time updating the guidelines so often if it were simple. Google knows it isn’t simple, and they are the number one ranked search engine company because they update their SEO guidelines because they know people can take shortcuts.

SEO works in a very democratic way; for the people and by the people. If companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing are not going to review their guidelines and keep the slackers off their front page, the people are going to punish them by leaving them. These companies know, people who are taking short-cuts do that because they do not have the substance nor the hard work required for the topic. That’s why search engine companies like to punish the slackers and help the hard-workers for their hard-work, devotion and knowledge. This is the reason, At YashaaGlobal, Jacksonville SEO Company, we always say SEO is very important for your digital presence.

Digital Marketing – the best foot forward.

You created a beautiful web-design and build the best website, then you created an awesome SEO. Now you have your foot in the door, but you want to boost your presence and let the world know that you have arrived. That’s when you use digital marketing tools. Most of these tools are free up to a certain point if you know how to use them to your benefit.

YashaaGlobal, Jacksonville Digital Marketing Company can provide all of the specialized services which include Social Media Optimization, Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing (Paid options). There are a few tricks to these services and some of them are explained in our other article.