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Digital Marketing and
Branding for healthcare

Here’s how we worked with a healthcare organization, to improve their brand awareness through online mediums.

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Project Overview:

The healthcare organization felt the need to spread awareness regarding women’s health and gain more patients. So, they thought that a digital platform would be the best to do so. Hence, they developed a website in order to achieve their goals, but due to the fierce competition already present in the health care section they were unable to get the desired results. Even after taking a lot of effort, they struggled to rank their website.

When they initially approached YashaaGlobal, they were in need to scale up their online presence and establish their brand across the nation to get the exposure they wanted.

Problems and Challenges

“Competition” wasn’t a word 20 years back, but now it has become too aggressive to get your foot in the door. Hence, becoming the biggest challenge when it comes to developing a robust online presence in the healthcare industry.

Apart from this when the healthcare organization contacted us with their needs, our first step was to research the healthcare market thoroughly. Where we discovered a change in people’s attitude towards health care making it the biggest issue to reach new patients. Moreover, after analyzing the present website of the client, we found that it was not constructed well and properly optimized.

Hence, after considering the market research, the client’s requirements, and the present condition of the client’s online presence and online market, we came up with the following strategies:

  • Redeveloping and redesigning the website to improve its user experience and speed.
  • SEO optimization to rank the website higher and get more exposure.
  • Optimizing digital marketing campaigns in order to create awareness about women healthcare among people to change their perspective.
  • Establishing a brand to gain more patients.


Brand Development


The challenge of increased consumer choice led to the need for brand development in the healthcare system in order to capture a large share of the market. Hence, in order to establish a brand for our healthcare client, we took the following steps:

  • Conducted in-depth research and an audit of the top competitors in the healthcare field to get a better understanding of the market landscape.
  • Created a brand strategy that articulates who the brand is, why it exists, and how it wants to engage with the world by defining elements such as purpose, mission, vision, and values.
  • Developed a brand identity by redesigning the logo, creating business cards as well as brochures by meaningfully capturing the brand’s personality differentiating it from the competition.

Digital Marketing:


Digital marketing is one of the best and top ways to target and gain new patients. Our experts at Digital marketing Jacksonville while considering our client’s need to create awareness leveraged social media marketing as our main digital marketing strategy in order to promote our healthcare client’s services and messages to drive the public attention and create awareness regarding women’s health. The following paragraph describes the way we did it.

While creating social media marketing strategy, we mainly focused on two aspects. There are many social media platforms available, however, we targeted the following platforms where our client will get the most exposure. We selected platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for marketing content of our healthcare client as these platforms will give them more exposure compared to other social media platforms based on their demographics.

  • We made social media creatives keeping the organization’s motive in mind, that is emphasizing the importance of women’s health.
  • We designed women-health related creatives in order to drive the potential users' attention to the post and engage them to take actions such as like, share, and follow.

Improvement in engagement and impression

Within a certain time period the campaign started to show results by improving impressions of users with the post, and as the number of impressions on the post increased the number of engagement started to increase too.

Along with the creative and strategic campaign we kept the user engaged by responding to their queries, or guiding them.

We joined with the Facebook healthcare groups and groups that promoted women health, this helped us gain a lot of exposure to the audience we wanted to target. This social media campaign helped us gain a lot of exposure and helped us in:

  • Connecting with the customers we wanted to target
  • Increase our brand’s reach
  • Improvement in Brand’s engagement
  • Spread message related to women’s health

Web Design


A web design usually makes or breaks the business. When our experts at web design Jacksonville analyzed the client’s website, we came across some major issues. One was that the website was not user-friendly and offered a poor user experience and the other was slow to load. So, while redesigning the website we mainly focused on these two aspects of the website and took the following steps:


A great user experience always guides the visitors through a conversion funnel and is responsible to turn prospects into leads and leads into potential customers. So, we took the following steps to redesign the website providing a great user experience:

  • We made proper use of white space that enabled the users to focus on the elements we wanted to highlight.
  • Made use of attractive call-to-action buttons with clear messages on them so that the users could easily navigate the website and get exactly what they want.
  • Used the images wisely to make the website visually appealing.
  • Maintained consistent headings size, font, color, spacing, and other design elements to provide the user with a beautiful experience as they navigate through the website.

Made the website responsive and mobile-friendly so that the user can access it on any device without having any problem


Website speed is one of the ranking signals used by Google to rank the websites. It is also one major factor that greatly impacts the user experience. So, in order to enhance it we used the following majors:

  • Compressed CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that were larger than 150 bytes
  • Reduced the number of HTTP requests
  • Improved the server response time
  • Optimized the images and made sure that they are in the right format.

SEO strategies



Visibility is an essential part for a robust digital presence which is ultimately achieved by high rankings. As our client wanted to establish their presence locally as well as nationally, we optimized their website for SEO. We implemented On-page SEO helps the search engines to understand the website and its content as well as identify whether it is relevant to the user’s search query. So, our SEO experts at Yashaaglobal used the following techniques to boost the rank of the website and increase its visibility.

On-page SEO helps the search engines to understand the website and its content as well as identify whether it is relevant to the user’s search query. So, our SEO experts at Yashaaglobal used the following techniques to boost the rank of the website and increase its visibility.

  • Keyword research to target local as well as a national audience
  • High-quality and interactive content creation
  • Inter-linking
  • Optimization of meta-tags, meta-description, title tags, and blogs


We only focused on building high-quality backlinks using multiple Off-page SEO techniques. Our strategy was to generate links only from websites that have high domain authority. We used the following ways to create backlinks to help our client rank better as soon as possible.


YashaaGlobal was successful in delivering the following results to the client with proper planning and execution of strategies.

1. Simplified and improved User Experience of Website:

Optimizing the website for user experience and speed led to the following outcome:

  • Increase in the time spent by the user on the website
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Increased engagement rate
2. Increase in Brand Awareness organically on Social Media:

Branding helped our clients to effectively project their organization’s personality in the most appealing way on all the social media platforms. We saw the following result:

  • Increase in total reach over all platforms
  • Enhanced engagement rate on all social media platforms
3. Increase in website impressions on Search Engines:

Branding helped our clients to effectively project their organization’s personality in the most appealing way on all the social media platforms. We saw the following result:

  • Higher rank of the website on the search engine result page
  • Improvement in the website’s visibility
  • Increase in the number of website visitors
  • Enhanced conversion rate

Ultimately, we were successful in creating a robust digital presence for our healthcare client.

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