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App Development Case Study

How we helped our client simplify their complex work flow and improve productivity through app development.

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Project Overview:


The project came to YashaaGlobal with an interesting problem faced by a shipman when he was on duty. He was not able to update his daily work to his seniors consistently every day due to the unavailability of PC at the workplace and the same problem was being faced by many of his fellow shipmen. This led to inconsistency in daily updating the work and unrecognition of work done by the shipmen. So, our client, came up with an idea to build an integrated platform where every shipman can easily input his daily update and his seniors can get track of it.

Problems and Challenges


The project was very interesting and complex at the same time, due to the size of data that was being managed, so started by creating a wireframe to simplify the process and make it usable for anyone without a technical background. The challenge we had for developing this app was.

  • Streamline the complex workflow
  • Securing the data
  • Making the app easy to operate
  • Integrating a Safe and secure payment gateway.
  • Availability over multiple platforms


Streamline the complex operation in the Application


As the objective of this app was that the shipmen could easily post their daily update, by using a simple application on their smartphone or desktop. Keeping the objective in mind, our app development experts made a simple daily update process.Along with the daily update process, we developed a download report section, where the seniors of the shipmen could download the report and track the progress and details about the shipmen for a particular time period where they can select the time period. We provided the download report with 2 options one is PDF and the other is excel format, where the user can download the report as per their requirement.

Developed using powerful technologies


The application is being developed using a powerful Ionic framework, for developing a app which is through cross-platform app development. Integration over multiple platforms means we had to write the code for both iOS and Android only once. The app development process helped us:

  • Enhance performance
  • Improvement in the maintenance process of the app
  • Improved application speed
  • Easy to integrate with large variety platforms

End-to-end encryption of Data


Along with storing and managing such a large volume of data, it was important to keep it safe and secure, so that no third-party element could use the data and manipulate it. To tackle the challenge, we decided to make the data end-to-end encrypted. End-to-end encryption is a way of communication where only the communicating users can see the messages and any other entity could not access or decrypt the information. This eliminates the chances of data leaking or performing malicious practices on it. That resulted in making the application safe for the users to input their information. Our goals were:

  • No fear of Data manipulation
  • Data is End-to-end encryption
  • Application is safe to use

Integration of secured Payment Gateway


We had to integrate a payment gateway into our application for safe and secure transactions and to eliminate the chances of false payment transactions. So we selected Stripe payment gateway for safe and secure payment transactions in our application.

Benefits of integrating safe and secure payment gateway:

  • Powerful and easy to use APIs
  • Integrations with almost all Payment methods
  • Fast and quick improvements


Easy to update daily report and download reports

Huge improvement in the ease to update the daily report for the users helped them save a lot of time, along with the users it made it easy for their seniors to keep track of their fellow members. It also:

  • Helped them easily download the report for a particular time-period
  • They didn’t need to wait for a local PC to send their report
No fear of data leak as Data is encrypted

All the data in the application was encrypted to make it safe from third-party intruders who can manipulate the data. Only the sender and the receiver can access the data.

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