How to find blog topics?

How to find blog topics

You may have selected your blogging niche, and also build a website for it. You had some topics in your head when you started this niche. You even must have written blogs on all the topics you had in your mind, and later you discovered that now you are not left with any topic in your mind and are struggling to find even one topic for which you can type. You tried to brainstorm more topics but were not able to get any more interesting topics.

The worst scenario you can face here is not being able to meet your reader’s expectations as they are expecting consistent content from you because that is what you have delivered in the past.

Hence, here we will show you how to generate a large number of blog topics related to your niche that are relevant and searched by people. We have come up with these ways over time to help avoid these frequent bursts of unproductiveness.

So, let’s go with an example so that we can understand it more clearly. Consider that you have selected a niche named bakery and now want to search for ideas to write blogs on it. Here we begin:


Buzzsumo is an amazing tool, that can help you discover a lot of topics related to your baking niche and it will show you to find topics that will help you rank high on google. 

  1. You have to visit Buzzsumo’s website.
  2. Type your Niche in the search, ex. Type “Baking” and then press enter,
  3. Your search results will be flooded with a whole lot of blogs that will be running well in the niche you have selected.
  4. You can filter, edit and select the best you would love to write.

Google Keyword Planner 

Google Keyword Planner is a powerful tool that will help you find topics for your blogs and show you how many people are searching for them.

As you won’t get to access google keyword planner easily by searching on Google, you have to create a Google Ads account, after that, you can use the key planner tool.

It is simple, you just have to type the name of your niche. you can customize the location also consider you want to see how many people are searching for baking related keywords in Florida, you just have to select the location and you will come around a lot of things people are searching on google along with the number of searches.

This will help you find the topics that are being searched by people, rather than writing blogs on topics no one is searching.

Google Suggest

You may be thinking I have heard about google suggest but never found that tool on google. So let me tell you how you can use google suggest to find a lot of blog topics that are being searched by people.

You just have to type something in google search, ex. “how to bake _”, and you will start getting a lot of suggestions, these are the keywords people are searching on google. You can try a lot of variations with this by giving space before the keyword.

Uber Suggest 

Uber Suggest is amazing you can use for searching keywords, it will help you find what keywords your competitor is using in the blogs and many more things. You just have to enter your niche name and click enter, now you will see what is the search volume, SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty, and Cost Per Click of the niche. Now first you have to click on keyword ideas, now there you will see a large list displaying similar keywords you can use for writing your blog.

Ubersuggest will help you discover a lot of relevant topics you can use for writing your blog.

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Questions from Quora

Quora is an amazing Question and Answering tool where people ask questions and answered them by someone capable of answering it. Quora can be very useful for getting a lot of topics for your blog. You have to search for questions related to your niche or type your niche name and you will come across a lot of questions that are being asked by people. These topics can be helpful for you because there may be some questions that people are searching for and don’t have relevant searches on google. You can write a blog on this topic and will be able to get traffic and rank quickly on google. Quora can be a source of many topics that are not addressed by anyone and you will have a big opportunity as well.

People also ask

You will find this section mostly below 2-3 search results, these are the questions people are asking on google and will be very helpful for you in finding relevant topics for your blog. When you click on any of the questions google adds more relevant questions, now you can find some specific topics you would never want to miss on.

  1. Search related to…

You can find this section at the end of the google search results, where you will discover a lot of topics that are related to your search, this will help you explore more topics related to your niche. This will help you see the blog topics of that particular website ranking on the first page.

  1. Answer the Public
  1. Answer The Public is a tool that can help you generate a lot of keywords.
  2. Consider your niche is baking, we have to type the keyword in the search and press enter.
  3. It will generate a lot of keywords starting with who, which, why, what, how, etc. and it will also show keywords with can, will, are, for, is, too, etc.
  4. You have to go through all the keywords and see which fits your niche.

By now, we hope that you may have understood how to generate a lot of topics and you will never be short of topics for your blog. Now, we live it up to you to choose your preferred way from the above-listed methods for finding new blog topic ideas and restart your journey of offering new, creative, dense, and high-quality content.

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