How to pick the Web Development Company

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How to pick the Web Development Company

A website is a good investment only if developed well and in today’s competitive world everyone is always in a hurry and can make hasty decisions while selecting a web development company. Moreover, if you end up selecting the wrong agency it will ultimately lead to a frustrating process and you will end up with nothing except the loss of money and time. Moreover, if it is the first time you are developing a website, then selecting the right company will definitely be a challenging task for you. To make it easy, read this blog further.

When the time comes to hire a web development company it’s important to understand what a web development company does. Unlike a web designer, who is concerned with the aesthetics of a website, the web developers develop applications relating to the World Wide Web or distributed network applications, which usually run protocols like HTTP from a Web server to the client’s browser using associated programming languages such as HTML/CSS, C++, Ruby and PHP.

Choosing a web development company may seem like a daunting task, but understanding web development can help you make an informed decision.

Web Development is a team effort and not one man show!

If you are developing a brand for your company, when choosing your web development company, you need to know it’s not one man show but a team effort.

  1. It’s important to ensure that they take the time to work with you to create a digital marketing strategy for your brand. In order to do this, they should know your marketing objectives and determine how your success will be measured. – That’s where a development company with a branding manager comes in handy.
  2. A skilled development company also understands that writing for an online audience is different than writing for print types of media. Therefore, when a content writer is writing content for your website, taking search engine optimization (SEO) into consideration and including key phrases as a natural way of optimizing your rankings is extremely important. If a web development company wants to create a “special page” just for search engine results that should be an indication that they aren’t familiar with how to create effective content that will naturally support high rankings in the search engines.
  3. Your web development company should also understand CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, which is the language used to design the presentation of your web pages, that part is usually done by the Web designers. Because many developers know CSS, some development companies try to skip on employing Web- designers and this can in turn hurt their client’s brand. It becomes very important for you to ensure that your development company employees Web Designers who are skilled at CSS as this will allow them to manipulate a template to meet your exact expectations, instead of just accepting the template as-is. However, if your development company is not skilled at CSS you may end up with a generic website that isn’t personalized especially for you.
  4. While you are gathering and considering all these other factors, do not forget that all these sectors come together at the hand of web-developers. A good web-development company, always employ a few developers, who are experts in PHP, WordPress, Joomla and other technologies to make sure they are providing the best possible solutions to your brand and should be able to explain the differences between various languages and technologies that are used in a web-development process.
  5. While you are spending money on giving your brand a digital life, make sure your web-development company knows the basics of Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO. What’s the point of a developing a website and not being found by your clients? – While having an SEO analyst on staff is not mandatory it is definitely a bonus when choosing a web development company.

As the process of building a website can change from client to client, your development company may not be able to explain exactly how they will develop your site, and that’s OK. Try to make sure the team you are hiring, is comprised of Web Developers, Web Designer, Content Writer, SEO analyst, skilled editors, PR, Graphic Designers, Illustration Artists, Photoshop Experts, Coding and Communication experts, PHP, WordPress Experts and Javascript Experts. All these team skills are important to consider if you want to get the most out of your website.

However, security is something that your developer should be able to give you an answer about. When talking with your web development company about security, ensure that they are aware of the best coding practices to prevent SQL injection attacks. Do they use a software firewall, and what are the backup plans in case a breach happens? It would be a shame to choose a developer to create the perfect website, then have it torn down due to sub-standard security measures.

We hope that by reading this blog you will get a clear idea of what you should be looking for in a company before hiring them to develop your website. Investing a good time for knowing a company will eventually help you to make an informed and wise decision to select the right company and save you from a great loss.

Ultimately, the way to find the right Web Development Company is to talk, discuss and interview. Ask questions, listen to answers, check portfolios, and trust yourself. When checking portfolios, check to see if you like the style of the websites they’ve created. If not, then you probably won’t like the website they create for you. However, if you like a company’s work and their skill set indicates they’re experienced then you can feel confident making a decision that will ensure you get the website that you dream of.