Social Media Marketing need of Post COVID world

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Social Media Marketing need of Post COVID world

Anyone with an iPhone gets a Weekly Screen Time Report, and since the beginning of the quarantine your screen time has most likely increased.

It’s increased because we’re all in the same situation, working from home and spending more time on social media, or unfortunately some of us have lost jobs and are looking for new ways to make money.

Social Media Marketing is playing a big role in Post-COVID Market

Posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram have increased dramatically, and these sites have become virtual gathering places for friends and organizations. Just look at the number of teachers that have taken to social media to communicate with their co-workers, and students, it’s amazing. There are messages from restaurant owners letting people know that they’re still open for business, and hair stylists asking their clients to please wait for them to return to their shops to do anything to their hair. The bottom line is that social media is our new means of communication and it is helping us to feel a sense of connection and community during this time of uncertainty. 

For a business owner, it may be a scary time to make a financial obligation to something like social media marketing, however it is the perfect time to ensure that your message is viewed by more people than ever before. With the increase in social media traffic, your business is more likely to be seen by your target audience simply because of the increase in screen time. Unless you’re a big box chain store, your business is likely suffering and there’s no hint as to when this quarantine will end. It makes sense that now is when you want to make the most of your advertising dollars and get the most bang for your bucks. 

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