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Having a web presence is an integral part or your company’s portfolio. It helps you with connecting and interacting with your customers and clients. To develop the best possible web presence, it is essential for a business to have a Web Development team in their corner. When people think of a web presence, they think of a website and that’s usually all. That is the main reason most businessesweb presence is not effective. They look for a quick fix and do not think of all the parts that go into it, which includes web designing, web development, graphic designing, content writing, and search engine optimization. Leaving any part of your web presence out canhinderits effectiveness in one way or another.

Also, these quick fixes usually end up hurting in the long run.Sometimes business branding can be affected negatively, or business development, and even economically a quick fix can cost you. On the other hand, it gets very expensive to hire different agencies for web design, web development, and graphic design. To avoid all these issues, YashaaGlobal is a one stop shop for all your digital needs. We are a Florida Based Digital Firm, trying to help our client’s by creating and developing their digital presence, and helping them with digital branding.

Web development for online success. - Web Design Strategy

Static Website

Static web site is the simplest form of website, in laymen’s term, the data is stored in HTML format on a webserver and shared with people in a certain format, most of the time in HTML. These data can be shared in various formats as dictated in a template. These are very basic types of websites and this is what is primarily provided by WordPress, GoDaddy and Wix.

Static websites are usually used for content that almostnever gets updated.The needs of these static webpages are changing as the need of data-sharing increases.Therefore, maintaining formatting and speed is becoming increasingly challenging. That’s why more and various source codes like GatsbyJS, and GitHub experience is becoming more important.

Although modern static site generators are changing,maintaining large numbers of static pages as files can be impractical without automated tools such as static site generators described in Web template systems. Another way to manage static pages include online compiled source code playgrounds, e.g. GatsbyJS and GitHub, which may be utilized for migrating a WordPress site into static web pages. Any personalization or interactivity has to run through the clients-side, which is restricting.

These simple websites can be developed by anyone but when it comes to making that website personalized that’s where things start to get complicated and you will benefit from having an expert Web-developer in your corner. While not all developers are experts in all of the source code, a Digital Firm like YashaaGlobal can help you because our staff has vast source code knowledge and experience.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website, is meant to change with the viewer’s needs. A dynamic website can change to accommodate the viewers language, the time of day, the time zone and other factors. There are different types of dynamic websites.

To be able to work on a dynamic website, the web development team needs to understand languages like JavaScript or ActionScript, which are used for Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and Flash technologies respectively, which are used to arrange media types (sound, animations, changing text, etc.).
Depending on your website needs, your web-development team will also need expertise in languages such as PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion and other languages. But no worries, a Digital Firm like YashaaGlobal can help you because the staff has that wide spread knowledge and experience in all these languages.

Have a product or service you would like to sell via your online store? An eCommerce platform will allow you to do just that.

E-Commerce, or electronic business is the best thing that has been invented, it is basically the sale and purchase of services and productsvia the internet.

It is done by simply interchanging data electronically, whether that be your services or products or another source.

It is extremely popular because it is very convenient and very easy for any user. The main attraction of these services is ease of use, easy accessibility and fast responses.

There are various types of e-Commerce websites which are defined by need.Our YashaaGlobal expert Web development team can help you decide which platform will meet your needs. There are several mechanisms to consider when building an eCommerce site and our team of experienced website developers will work to ensure that every angle is covered.


A content management system (CMS) is used to achieve the creation and modification of digital content and supports multiple operators in a shared environment.

CMS is used in a variety of ways, but mostly in enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM). It is primarily used in web-based publications, because you can manage format management, and data management along with versions, and history management or search options.

A WCM system is a CMS that is able to support the management of the content of Web pages which includes text and embedded graphics, photos, video, audio, maps, and program code that displays content or interacts with the user.

WCMtypically has two major components, a content management application (CMA), and content delivery application (CDA). CMA isused for the front-end user interface whichpermits a user, to insert, change, and delete content from a website without theneed for expert web development. CDA is used for more complicated version of CMS, whichdelivers content to various servers in various formats to satisfy the need of the company, which is mainly done by placement of cache servers at major access points. This is mainly used by enterprise sector like high traffic web site owners or ISPs.

According to current statistics, the most popular content management system is WordPress.

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