What are PPC Ad extensions and why should you use them?

What are PPC Ad extensions and why should you use them
What are PPC Ad extensions and why should you use them

Bidding is an integral part of PPC advertising performance, but paying more for advertising doesn’t provide long-term performance gains. First and foremost, Google rewards ads that provide a great user experience states the Digital Marketing Jacksonville experts.

So how do you know that your ad is worth the attention? Well, with Google’s ad display options.

With the right ad display options for your audience, you can make your ads stand out, improve your ad experience, and improve your CTR. All of this can be achieved without increasing your PPC budget by a penny. Ad display options are an important part of optimizing paid search ads. They help you gain competitiveness, improve performance, and increase your CTR. The ad rank is also taken into account.

Some of these extensions are manual. You have to set it yourself. Others are automatic. They will be applied automatically when certain conditions are met. And some extensions can be both! Now that we’ve analyzed what you can expect from an extension, we’ll show you when and how to use each extension type. Let’s dive into it.

What are Ads Display Options?

To make your PPC campaign stand out and rank in the top three, you need to use ad display options. Ad display options are additional information that appears below the ad text. They allow you to undertake more online properties and help improve your ad’s rank on search engine results pages. People click on paid ads. In fact, an average of 41% of clicks go to the top three paid ads on your search results page. To make your PPC campaign stand out and rank in the top three, you need to use ad display options. Ad display options are additional information that appears below the ad text. They allow you to undertake more online properties and help improve your ad’s rank on search engine results pages. With additional information and more advertising space, potential customers can get a better picture of your company and invite them to click.

If you want to reduce costs and improve your ad rank, but haven’t set the Google AdWords ad display option, you’re missing out on a simple optimization. Learn about the different types of ad display options, why you use them, and how to set them up. Plus, also know the PPC mistakes that you need to avoid to make the most of your PPC campaigns.

How do Google Ads Display Options Work?

Google’s ad display options work as the name implies. That is, it extends the ad. Ad display options add additional business information to the body of your text ad. They provide detailed information about your software, including product highlights, related links, and pricing.

Google automatically delivers extensions to your ads, depending on your search context. This additional information in the AD extension works to add values to the user, to support user signals such as the intention, position, or device.

What are the Advantages of using AD extension?

Ads have many benefits for you. This is part of the upper benefit.

1.  Maximum advertising text

Maximum advertising text
Maximum advertising text

There are several things I want to know before the customer clicks Ads. For example, you may want to know the location and phone number.

It is wise to handle AD text in detail such as contact information, regardless of additional information you want to know. There are too many useless letters! And it manually wastes this additional information. In contrast to this, AD extension is easy. This information is entered once.

2.  Increase in SERP real estate

Perhaps the most obvious statement about Google’s ad display options is that they take up more space.

Finally, the third ad used only the extension of the phone number. This is worth it, but the ads are generally less impactful.

Key Point: Google’s ad display options are SERPs free real estate, and Google uses up to four in each ad auction. Take as much space as possible!

3.  More qualified leads

More qualified leads
More qualified leads

The Google Ads display option provides users with much more information in advance. Only those who are armed with more information and believe they are the right fit for your business will engage in advertising. Most poor-quality leads find that they don’t match you well and disqualify themselves.

In addition to your purchase intentions, users who click on your extension ad know what you can expect when they visit your site, so they’re more likely to achieve conversions on their landing page after clicking. In other words, the relevant extension = informed, authorized user = user action.

4. Better advertising quality

Use ad display options to improve the quality of your ads and improve your ad’s rank. One aspect of ad rank is the expected impact of ad formats (relevance, CTR, and ad format awareness).

If you have an ad display option directly from Google, your ad rank will automatically increase. Google prefers Google because it offers a wider variety of ad formats and can contain information that is more relevant to searchers.

Google appreciates the overall format more favorably because ad display options are more relevant and larger ads are designed to improve your CTR. In other words, a high CTR means a high ad rank, a high ad rank states the experts from Digital Marketing Agency Jacksonville.

5.   Save money

Save money
Save money

If you’ve followed up to this point, you know that using ad display options can increase your ad rank and take up more space on your page.

Both factors increase your CTR and have a positive effect on your Quality Score. Fortunately, all of this leads to lower cost-per-click (CPC).

The lower your cost-per-click, the less you pay per click. Also, the less you pay per click, the less likely you are to pay per conversion. The less money you spend on leads, the less money you can make.

Let’s take a closer look at each ad display option type so you know when to use it.

  • Sitelink extension

The site link extension adds an additional link below the search main text display. These links direct the user to other pages on the site that they want them to visit.

These links give users fewer steps to find what they’re looking for, reduce friction and bounce rates, and drive conversions. Site links may omit the description and only show the title of the link.

  • Callout extension

A callout extension is a 25-character text snippet that describes the most exciting and valuable features of a company, product, or service.

So if you’re proud of free in-store receipts, free shipping, or ethical material, Callout Extensions are for you.

  • Snippet extension

If the callout extension highlights the best big picture elements of your business, structured snippets will zoom in on a specific sneak peek that you want users to know about the product or product or range of services offered. Extensions are a lifesaver for companies that want to call from their customers. There is essentially zero friction between leads and your business because you can put your phone number correctly in your ad.

  • Lead foam extension

We were all sad when Google pulled the message extension from Google Ads in early 2020, but we hope the lead form extension works as well. The LeadForms extension is the latest version of the Google Ads extension and is still in beta. Like the old news extensions, the lead form extension allows SERP users to contact their business directly from their ads with just a few clicks. Potential customers don’t even have to navigate to your website. You can submit information directly to your ad from a custom form and contact the lead as soon as possible. This is a lot of valuable information, and lead companies everywhere should join the lead form enhancement train whenever possible.

  • The Call Extension

The Call Extension is suitable for this law firm to generate leads from free consultation calls.

On mobile, the phone number display option allows users to make direct calls with a single click. This option makes it easier to contact and usually produces more qualified leads. What if I can’t answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? No worries. Extension numbers allow you to set the availability schedule to hours. It will not be displayed outside these hours.

  • Site expansion

Location expansion is essential for static operations where customers have to come to you.

If you get lost as often as I do, you probably needed this type of extension before. Submit your address, phone number, and map with a copy of your ad. On mobile, you’ll see a link to open the map app. The address display option is not for online-only businesses. However, when operating in a physical store, this type of extension can increase the likelihood that users will find, visit, and shop directly.

Keep the following in mind when using the address display option:

Keep your contact information and address up to date. Use bid adjustments for users near your store. If you bid competitively for users who are already in your area, you’re more likely to see your ad and see your address display options. Note: Please note that you may not benefit from the extension of the location if you provide services that involve moving the customer to the location. It can impact performance as people think they have to visit you to get your service.

Track conversion performance before and after adding address display options.

  • Affiliate site expansion

Affiliates are individuals or other organizations that are officially affiliated with other organizations. In this case, use the affiliate site extension to direct users to other sites that are eligible to sell your product.

Suppose you want to sell a line of essential oil face masks through your website. However, we may also sell our products through retail partners such as Sephora. We want our users to know that they can buy products from this location. Then link the stores where your product is available as an ad display option. This allows customers to make online purchases or access their Sephora locations to shop. The biggest advantage is that it gives your customers the opportunity to buy from you online or at a nearby store. Affiliate site extensions are perfect for manufacturers.

  • Price extension

Has a mechanic ever tried to tear you up at an oil change price? They tried it with me and failed because I saw a price increase earlier.

The main value of raising prices is not to prevent staff from deceiving customers, but to set clear expectations. You will notify the user of the price in advance. The notified user means that if the user decides to contact or visit your store or website, they are willing to make a reservation or purchase from you.

Price transparency increases credibility and prepares users to click on your ad for the content on your landing page. They have higher conversions or willingness to buy. When organizing your account, add these ad extensions at the campaign or ad group level to make them as fine-grained as possible.

  • App extension

If you offer a mobile app, pop this Google ad extension on here. I mean, manually opening and searching an application on your phone is a pain. App extensions make your app more visible and make it easy for interested users to download directly from the text ad. One other great thing about app extensions is that it’s the only way to track app downloads based on your keywords.

Despite the initial overwhelming number of options, you really can’t go wrong with Google ad extensions. When used properly, it’s a great free way to increase engagement and improve the ad quality of your Google Ads account and thus enhance your Internet Marketing outcomes.

The real highlights to cover are:

Component: The Google Ads display option is a snippet of additional information that Google adds to the body of your text ad.

Universal Extensions: All advertisers must use universal extensions (site links, callouts, structured snippets). The magic number is 4. Google uses up to four ad display options per ad auction, so make sure you have at least that many ads display options enabled for each campaign. Don’t forget to set it. Update text and link URLs to keep your extensions up to date as you make changes to sales, special offers, or product lists.

Always Optimize: Monitor the performance of your ad display options at the ad group level.