Why good SEO is important for your Digital presence?

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Why good SEO is important for your Digital presence

You probably must have heard that a good is crucial for your digital presence but do you know what it entails. SEO in the past used to be just a numbers game, now SEO is developed. In the future, SEO is going to become even more important because of artificial intelligence and will include elements from the Past, Present, and Future. SEO could also reference social media or it could use Keywords multiple times. Search Engine Optimization improves your overall website’s visibility and makes it more discoverable for people.

Growing your business is not something that comes easy for most. Growing a business takes time, planning, and arguably most important of all: the right audience. In the age of online consumerism, growing a digital presence can be one of the most daunting tasks for many businesses. Clicks and views are one of the most lucrative commodities in the era of online marketing. So, how do you tap into the gold mine of an online presence and potentially put your business in front of millions of viewers? Where do you even begin? The answer is simple: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO? Don’t ask, why? but ask how?

What is SEO?

So, what exactly is SEO? In short, SEO is a method used for websites to get front and center to their audience, that then converts into clicks and generates traffic. Search engine optimization is all about connecting with your audience and is a major way that websites become accessible and user-friendly. SEO is widely used throughout the web by many website owners. Google for example is one of the most commonly used search engines used for searches of SEO. The tools of search engine optimization google provides help website owners make informed decisions about their viewership. One of the most famous sites synonymous with SEO is Google and it’s search engine, and that’s because the tools are provided by google. That’s also the main reason some people mistakenly call SEO google or refer to google as SEO. Now, more than half of all websites use SEO google analytics and the google SEO console to track the number of organic viewers and the amount of web traffic sites receive. By organic I mean views from free web searches and not clicks from paid ads. Google SEO tools are just one of the many different search optimization tools that sites use to up their viewership. If you’ve made it to this point in the article, you may be wondering, “What is SEO and how does it work?” Before I can explain how to SEO works step by step, first we must acknowledge the many types of SEO. While there are several different types of SEO, they can all be summed up by the following methods.

Arguably one of the most common search engine optimization techniques is on-page SEO which deals with strategies to optimize specific pages on websites. This technique mainly includes keyword optimization and content creation. As I briefly mentioned above, every time you search something using a search engine, that algorithm will take the individual words that you typed in the search bar and match them to websites that also include those words. These specific words are known as keywords. Keywords are used within the content of the webpage to help boost the websites rating within a search engine. For example, imagine that you’re a coffee machine salesman from Jacksonville. You create a website for your brand and in order to generate viewership, you decide to use keywords in your content. This decision would likely pay off in the long run, because when consumers go to search your business online, they might search “Coffee makers”, “Coffee Makers for Sale”, “Coffee Makers for Sale Jacksonville”, or many other combinations. When you incorporate those key words into your online content, your site has a better chance of being found by potential customers when they search for your product online. In addition to key words, content creation is also a major aspect of search engine optimization. People will not read something that’s boring. Therefore, it’s important that content remain engaging for the audience while still containing optimal keywords.

While unrelated to the actual content of your site, another prominent part of online marketing is technical SEO. Technical SEO deals with mobile-friendliness, speed, accessibility, and more. Mobile friendliness is highly important for successful websites. No one enjoys a clunky out of date website and trying to swipe through a site that’s not meant for a 5-inch screen on a mobile device is nearly impossible. In order to attract viewers, mobile friendliness is an absolute must!

Speed and accessibility are another key to maintaining high viewership on your website. Remember the stone age of dial up internet? While today’s internet isn’t as slow as that, it can still be less than optimal at times. Your audience’s time is precious, and they don’t want to spend it waiting for your site to load. The same could be said for accessibility. Navigating a webpage should be as pain free and user friendly as possible. The less time it takes for your audience to navigate your page, the more time they can spend reading your content.

The last major search engine optimization tool you should know about is one that applies to the relationship your website has with other sites. Off-site SEO focuses on building a reputation with other sites to become a more trustworthy and reliable source. Off-site SEO is mainly practiced through backlinks and guest posting. Backlinks are a major aspect of technical SEO. Backlinks are links on one website that route the viewer to another site. Having a reputable website use your webpage for one of their backlinks can significantly boost the trustworthiness of your own site. While somewhat self-explanatory, guest posting refers to one website posting its own content on another site. This could also refer to a website posting a guest blog on another site. Through guest posting, websites build a sense of trust not only with each other, but also amongst other brands in their respective industry.

Why does this matter for my business?

From a business standpoint SEO is absolutely vital for online survival. SEO gives websites a chance to gain an audience and be found quicker in different internet searches. Newspapers and magazines are slowly becoming obsolete, but just like in those paper ads, it pays to be on the front page, and online search engines are no different. A study done by online advertising firm Chitika, stated that during a Google search, a whopping 95% of people will not click on the second page of search results. That number is huge! This means that if you aren’t part of the lucky 10 websites found on the first page of search results, your website’s chances of getting clicked on are slim to none.

To survive in the digital age, getting noticed is a must. Unfortunately for many websites, getting found is like finding a needle in a haystack, the odds just aren’t in their favor. As you can see SEO is a complex process that involves many techniques, tactics, and strategies. Additionally, it keeps evolving with the Google algorithm updates so keeping up with it can be challenging and need a lot of effort. So, you can always reach out to SEO professionals for help.

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