Why Hand-coded websites are better for SEO?

Why Hand-coded websites are better for SEO?

As a company owner, you’re always thinking of ways to improve your business and your digital presence. When developing your website there are a lot of things to consider like if you should go for a Hand-Coded or Content Management System (CMS). Hand-Coded website development means that the developer has custom-built your platform, so your options are endless. A CMS website allows multiple people to create, edit and publish web pages through ready-made templates without ever involving a developer. Maybe you’ve heard popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Wix, or Shopify.

Now you don’t have to make that decision because the two have been combined through YashaaGlobal’s new Hand-Coded-CMS website design platform. Our fully secure system can be easily integrated with 3rd party applications such as CRM, ERP, etc. It can also be extended to eCommerce, HR Management, and Task Management. By creating this new Hand-Coded-CMS website design, not only is your SEO automatically built into your website, but it also gives an instant boost to your SEO.

Just think of the possibilities that arise now that you can have a Hand-Coded-CMS website! Code updates are now no longer dependent upon someone else, and your SEO is now self-managed so that links to third-party plug-ins can collect your data. Building a theme is much easier than trying to use WordPress, and needs less time to create pages. Once your website is completed, your pages will load quicker, and this is important to your client who doesn’t want to wait for your page and will often move on if it doesn’t load quickly. In the end, you can modify your website as per your requirements and that opens up a world of possibilities.

Hand-coded website provides your SEO a most essential start-up boost.

Benefits of having a Hand-Coded-CMS website:

  1. You’re in full control, whatever you can dream up for your website can be reality.
  2. You get the benefit of using multiple programming languages to create your website such as HTML and CSS
  3. Having a hand-coded website provides you with high security, no more worrying about cyber-attacks.
  4. By having a hand-coded website, your site will be custom, and you’re sure to have a website like no one else. No more cookie cutter website.
  5. Because YashaaGlobal has already created the platform, having a hand-coded-CMS website is now cost effective.
  6. Updates will be constant, allowing you quicker bug detection and problem solving.
  7. Now that YashaaGlobal has created this option for you, it’s now convenient for you to take advantage and to allow multiple users to play a part in developing your website.
  8. Everything is easily editable without having to have programming knowledge.
  9. Because we took all of the hard work out, there’s less of a chance for errors.