Digital Marketing - Assumptions Vs Reality

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Digital Marketing - Assumptions vs Reality

Digital marketing has played a significant role in the expansion and growth of every business over the last two decades. As marketing is the key to success for every business, online marketing provides unlimited opportunities to businesses to showcase their products and services and expand their business.

Digital marketing helps in sustaining the existing consumers, gain new customers, reach a maximum number of the targeted audience, expand optimize and obtain better conversions, gain brand credibility, and most importantly build a good brand reputation. Moreover, the advent of social media has further expanded the horizons of digital marketing. However, despite the many advantages that digital marketing has, there are some indisputable myths that need to be cleared. 

There have been many assumptions about digital marketing and the results it provides. When you start a digital marketing campaign for your business, you tend to set certain assumptions from it based on certain assumptions. But these assumptions will not always turn into a reality. Though digital marketing is a dynamic concept and keeps modifying with the latest techniques, we cannot overstate the great opportunities that digital marketing has brought us.

So, in this article, we will be discussing the assumptions vs reality of digital marketing to readjust the perspective and get started with a fresh perspective. This will also help you to know whether it is right to keep these expectations. Here we begin!

#1 Assumption: Digital Marketing is only for Big Businesses 

Reality: No matter whether you have a big business or small, if you have a business, digital marketing is for you.

If you think that only big brands can have their online presence and not a local business, then think again. Because now digital marketing is a way to create a brand. Every business that has something to offer like a product or a service, paid or unpaid must have an online presence.

The reality is digital marketing is for everyone, whether you are a startup, a small business, a big firm, or an old business, you will need digital marketing. The size of an organization never matters for internet marketing, if you are running a business and providing services or products, you need to be online. Nowadays, all the customers search for services and products on the internet and if anyone is interested in your services, the first thing that he or she will do is gather more information online. So, no business can neglect the importance of digital marketing. 

#2 Assumption: More traffic means a Good Conversion Rate

Reality: You get conversions only when you attract a relevant traffic

It is obvious that traffic is an important element to get leads and grow your revenue. Instinctively, it makes sense that more traffic will give you a good conversion rate but not logically. For increasing your conversion rate you don’t need enormous traffic but you want relevant traffic.

What is the difference between these two? Well, let us understand it with an example, suppose you are a car seller, so you will need people who are interested in buying a car, these people will be relevant traffic for you. 

Your conversion rate won’t improve if you don’t target the right audience. you can only improve your conversion rate by knowing who your audience is and drive them to convert.

You can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website but if it is not relevant then you won’t get a single penny back.

#3 Assumption: Paid ads will be Instantly Profitable

Reality: Paid ads can be profitable only if you set up your campaigns correctly. 

To some extent, this assumption is partially true because paid ads can drive more visitors and increase your profit but they won’t start showing the result from the first day itself. It will take time and effort to see results as there are no shortcut tricks for it. Moreover, it is also important to set up the campaign correctly. Even Google talks about setting up your ad campaign correctly to drive results. 

For driving good results, you need to create relevant ads considering your target audience. You always need to test different ad versions and retarget those audiences who have already interacted with your ad campaigns as well as constantly monitor your ad campaign for better results. Just having an online presence will not be enough, you will need a constant presence for god engagement, a lot of time, and hard work.

#4 Assumption: Digital Marketing Generates much better ROI

Reality: Only if you know what you are doing and have a well-planned strategy
Digital Marketing ROI

Digital marketing definitely has the potential to give you a great return on investment but only if it is done properly. Many people think that just by using some of the digital marketing techniques like PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, they will start earning a good amount of money. But that’s not the truth. You can get a good return on investment rather than huge if and only if you have a great strategy.

First of all, you need to research your market and know your audience well. After which, you have to determine your goals, know what message you want to deliver to your target audience, and how you can deliver it. The quality of your content and the techniques that you use play an important role in driving your customers. 

For some businesses social media marketing works and for some, it does not. You have to analyze the best working method for you though it may be inbound marketing social media marketing or pay-per-click. This is how you can come up with the best strategy that gives you a good return on investment.

You can also reach out to a good digital marketing company to achieve your desired goals.

#5 Assumption: Paid ads Greatly Increase the Traffic

Reality: Only if the quality of content is good enough to drive the traffic

We can say that to some extent it is factual as paid ads increase the visibility of your brand but it is not assured that the viewers will click on the ad.

As we discussed above that content plays a very important role in driving traffic, the viewer will only click on the ad if he or she finds your content to be appealing enough. Moreover, your ad should also be attractive with good graphics, and fascinating images. 

So, the reality is that paid ads can drive a good amount of traffic but only if the quality of your ad is good enough. 

#6 Assumption: Good content is enough for Guaranteeing the Success of Digital Marketing strategies 

Reality: Creating good content is the need of today’s digital world but it will only guarantee success if it is unique

You must have heard the slang that content is the king and we would love to emphasize this statement by saying content is really the king for every digital marketing strategy. Even Google, the most used search engine browser has focused on the quality of content in its algorithm updates. Content is the major part of your digital presence, your website, your blog posts, your social media posts, almost everything needs content. So, it should not just be good but unique.

Good content helps you to keep your users engage, reduce your bounce rate, and if it is appealing enough also encourages them to take some action. Hence, nowadays everybody is behind creating good and appealing content. So, it becomes important for you to create unique and outstanding content to beat your competitors and stand out from the crowd. 

Moreover, many people create the same content for all the social media platforms and believe that it will help them succeed. But different social media platforms have different audiences. For example, people visit platforms like Quora for searching for answers to their questions, so here your content should solve their queries by targeting the questions relevant to your services. Whereas, on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram people encounter your posts while scrolling their feeds. So, your content and post should be attractive enough to grab the attention of your target audience. Here, you need to be more interactive, you can create videos, highly appealing images, and of course a good content to engage your audience. To know more you can read our blog on how to write a social media post? And how to use social media as your marketing tool?

We can conclude that the content should not just be good but it should be unique and highly engaging for guarantying the success of your digital marketing strategies.

# 7 Assumption: Once the Brand image is Established, the job is done

Reality: Maintaining a good brand image is important throughout your journey

Many people think that once they have set up their brand, they are ready to go, and they don’t need any further work. But you should always that you need a lot of effort to build a brand but even a single negative comment can spoil your brand image. So, maintaining a positive brand image is necessary. 

Today, it is a very common practice that whenever people search for a service or a product, they look for reviews and ratings at first to check the overall quality. They tend to compare different reviews and ratings for selecting the best products or services that fit their requirements. You can’t definitely avoid a negative review completely but you can surely address their concerns regularly. Hence, to keep your brand image intact you should continuously monitor and maintain a good customer relationship.

#8 Assumption: You can create the Campaigns and forget about it

Reality: Your campaigns need a continuous effort

Through creating a campaign and leaving it to work automatically to drive good results sounds easy and interesting but the reality is far different. It takes constant efforts and dedication to run a successful campaign. You have to constantly analyze what works for you and what doesn’t and update your campaigns accordingly.

You need to test your campaigns at least weekly and try to optimize them by targeting a more relevant audience who are similar to the converted ones. You can use tools like Google Analytics to check what your web tracking shows and enhance your performance.

#9 Assumption: Anyone can do Digital Marketing

Reality: Successful digital marketing needs good experience and expertise
Digital Marketing - Assumptions vs reality

It is a common misconception that digital marketing is everyone’s cup of tea. There may be many videos and information on YouTube and Google respectively that explain how you can do digital marketing or what are the techniques for conducting digital marketing successfully. But the reality is that digital marketing is not that easy as it sounds. People will only understand it after they have drowned their thousands of dollars by doing it themselves. You cannot achieve your target through digital marketing until you know every aspect of it.

To create a successful digital presence, years of experience and expertise in needed in this field. It is true that by learning how to make a website, anyone can easily build a website on WordPress. But proper digital marketing techniques are required to promote that website, rank it higher, and drive a huge amount of traffic to that website. 

A digital marketing agency or an expert has developed these skills from their years of experience and knows what to do to see a positive ROI.

To summarize this article, we can say that digital marketing is a much-needed way for promoting your business but doing it the right way by using appropriate methods and strategies is much more important. 

The assumptions always don’t match up with reality, so it is important to keep a reality check on whether you have set the right assumptions to avoid any disappointment. Moreover, when it comes to digital marketing, you really need to learn how digital marketing works to set up the right expectations. By reading this article we hope that all your assumptions and false expectations related to digital marketing must have been cleared.

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