Google My Business rebrands itself to the Google Business profile

Google My Business (GMB) rebrands itself to the Google Business Profile (GBP)
Google My Business (GMB) rebrands itself to the Google Business Profile (GBP)

Google recently changed the brand of Google My Business to “Google Business Profile” while making changes to the platform itself. Instead of logging in to the Google My Business platform and refreshing the page, Google recommends that companies in a single location manage their profile directly on the search results page. Google recently announced that its popular local business tools had been renamed and overhauled. Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) allows business owners to update their Google listings easily, reply to reviews, and access them directly in Google Search and Google Maps. These changes streamline most of Google’s use of marketplace tools as a business owner or manager. 

Google My Business was launched in 2014 to access and complete as many companies as possible to find and select on the Internet. Since 2019, Google My Business has established itself as a reference tool for online physical business and has achieved its primary purpose. Therefore, the search engine strategy has evolved. According to Digital Marketing Jacksonville experts, the data needs to be provided so that Internet users can find all the details they need to choose a local store on the results page, enhancing internet marketing. Once again, Google has achieved that goal, as 65% of searches done in Google in 2020 were no-click searches. That is a search that does not generate clicks anywhere other than Google Tools (such as Google My Business List) and is therefore stuck on the search results page by Internet users. Today, businesses can’t do without a business list in Google and map search results. And the number is precise. Google’s business entries now generate 28 times more contacts than websites. Therefore, this name change is a Google update and an example of the importance of business listings trying to replace independent business websites and physical networks.

In this blog we will cover:

  • What is Google Business Profile?
  • Why Did Google Rebrand Google My Business?
  • What’s Changed with Google Business Profile?
  • How Can Google Business Profile Support with SEO?
  • How to Manage Your Google Business Profile?
  • How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile?

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a new version of Google My Business. Google My Business (GMB) can list important business information, from Address and contact information to products, services, photos, and customer reviews, to connect with customers looking for relevant solutions. It’s a free tool pointed out by Search Engine Land. This is not the first time this tool has changed its ID; before Google My Business (GMB), the platform was called Google Places, formerly known as Google + Local and Google Local. 

Google encourages companies to manage individual lists directly within Google Search or Google Maps via a web interface or mobile app. According to Google, the existing Google My Business web experience will be migrated primarily to support large multi-site businesses and renamed “Business Profile Manager.” Google redirects and renames the Google My Business web interface. Google also announced some new features: 

  • Apply and verify your Google Business Profile directly via Google Search and Google Maps 
  • Call history will officially start in the US and Canada. 
  • You can send the message directly from Google Search.
  • Google Search and Google Maps can control message read confirmation.

Why Did Google Rebrand Google My Business?

Companies may decide to rebrand themselves or their products for a variety of reasons. According to Google, the reason for the rebranding of Google My Business to “Google Business Profile” is to “keep things simple.” It’s unclear whether current users will agree with that assessment. The company is endlessly looking for ways to serve its users better, so it appears that Google is hoping that this update will benefit both customers and small businesses. It’s also feasible that Google was looking for a way to distinguish between small businesses and more extensive franchises. The two options will be controlled differently as a result of this rebranding.

What’s Changed with Google Business Profile?

What's Changed with Google Business Profile
What’s Changed with Google Business Profile

Besides the name, Google wants to change how this tool is used say the Digital Marketing Jacksonville experts. Business listings are managed directly from Google Search and Google Maps instead of the Google My Business app. This is easier than using a dedicated app or entering a unique URL for list management. All you have to do is include your company name in Google Search or Google Maps. Using the new control panel, you can apply for, review, and manage your business listings. Once you’ve applied for a business listing, search for “My Business,” and you’ll see your listing. You may have noted that you can manage your business listings this way, as this feature has been available for some time. However, this single-list model will soon become the norm, as Google plans to discontinue the Google My Business app by the end of 2022. This interface is also given a new name (Business Profile Manager) to serve large enterprises in multiple locations. Owners of these large companies can also use Google Business Profile to manage individual listings if desired. 

Not only does it change the way these entries are accessed, but it also benefits from additional features. You can now deliver a message directly to your customers from Google Search (you can also control the read confirmation of your message). In addition, North American business owners can access call history to see how Google Business Profile affects incoming customer calls. These changes may allow Google Business Profile to compete with other tools while allowing enterprises to improve customer service and lead management. Google doesn’t seem to have stopped improving, so there’s no doubt that more features will be seen in the future.

How Can Google Business Profile Support With SEO?

How Can Google Business Profile Support With SEO
How Can Google Business Profile Support With SEO

The best SEO strategy that a legitimate local business can adopt to rank high on Google and attract local customers is to assert and optimize their Google business profile. However, claiming Google Business Profile is only the first step. You need to tweak your business profile, check it regularly, and update it with new information. Updating your Google Business Profile is essential to your success. 

Many companies are unaware that Google and all users can make changes to their business profile, such as Addresses, business hours, photo uploads, reviews, etc. Therefore, checking your Google Business Profile regularly is essential to ensure your profile hasn’t been erroneously changed.

Google Business Profile is essential for SEO purposes. If you are claiming and updating your business listing on this free platform will typically increase the visibility of your overall brand. You’ll improve your chances of being found in search results, particularly for relevant searches conducted nearby by users. Google Business Profile is an excellent currency for connecting with customers further in their purchasing journey. Consumers looking for local information are more likely to purchase soon. Thanks to Google Business Profile, you now have even more ways to reach these customers and provide them with the statistics they need to decide. Google Business Profile can help you stand out in search engine results. If you possess a small business that relies primarily on local customers – or if you have clients who do – Google Business Profile will remain an essential part of your regional SEO strategy.

How to Manage Your Google Business Profile?

It is essential to handle your Google Business Profile very effectively. Internet Marketing is eventually enhanced if you have a strong Google Business profile say the experts from the Digital Marketing Agency Jacksonville. Google Business Profile gives access to both single and multiple-location businesses. 

  • Businesses with Multiple Locations: If your company has multiple locations or you work for an agency that manages various client locations, you should log in to the Business Profile Manager dashboard. The Business Profile Manager offers you the most control over multiple profiles from a single dashboard.
  • Single Location Businesses: If you are a local business with only one location, the simplest way to manage your Google Business Profile is through Google Search, which you most likely have open on your computer all day. 

Here are some tips by Jacksonville Advertising Agency to make you understand the primary ways to manage your Google Business Profile.

  1. When logged in with the Gmail email address you use to manage your Google Business Profile, type your company name within the search bar, and your Knowledge Panel and a Google Business Profile edit panel will appear.
  • Change Information in Your Business Profile Straight From Search Alternatively, you can enter the words “my business” into Google search, and your edit panel and Knowledge Panel will appear.
  • You can edit your business information directly by clicking on the “Edit Your Business Information” link in your Knowledge Panel.
  • You can make changes to the basic information on your Google Business Profile. You can make changes to your business’s category, business description, opening date, hours, and more.
  • If you view the Update your Customers option in your Knowledge Panel, you can create an update post directly from Search.
  • Rather than just editing from your Knowledge Panel, you can make additional changes from the edit panel on the left-hand part of the screen. You will have several editing options when you click on Edit profile.

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile?

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile
How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

An optimized Google Business Profile is one where every part of your business profile is filled out and helps you reach out to more customers.

  • Information for Business

You can edit the basic information, such as About, Contact, Locate, Hours, and More, by clicking on the Business Information section. The More area takes you to the Business Profile Manager, where you can access the traditional dashboard.

  • Services

Services work similarly to Products, but it is geared toward Service Area Businesses (SABs) (such as landscapers, plumbers, handymen, roofers, locksmiths, and so on) or businesses that provide services to customers or clients (like lawyers, accountants, personal trainers, etc.) It is straightforward to add services. Your primary category will be displayed. If you don’t see any services listed, you can add your own by clicking the + Add custom service link:

  1. Open during regular business hours.
  2. There are no main hours of operation.
  3. Temporary Closure (Show that your business will open again in the future).
  4. It was closed indefinitely (Show your business no longer exists).
  5. You can even add more hours if necessary.
  6. This is a great feature to have, depending on the type of business you run.
  • Products

Adding products to the Google Business Profile is a great way to show off what you have to sell if you sell products in your store or business. (Remember that only online companies are not permitted to claim Google Business Profiles.) Product listing is simple. Click the Get Started button and answer the following questions:

  1. Name of the product.
  2. Category – If you don’t already have one, you can create one.
  3. Price or range of prices
  4. Product Information.
  5. Photo.

After you’ve entered all the required information, click Publish to have the product appear on your Google Business Profile Knowledge Panel.

  • Upload Photos

Local searchers enjoy seeing images. You are humanizing your brand when you upload real pictures of your company, such as your building, products, services, signage, team members, activities that your company participates in (such as volunteer work), and so on. These kinds of images engage searchers. You can also load photos directly from Google Maps and Google Search! Uploading photos from Google Business Profile is straightforward. Extract a photo from your computer to the designated section or click the blue Choose photos to upload button after clicking Add photos.

  • Performance

When you choose Performance, you’ll see how your Google Business Profile is “pulling” with searchers – an overview of Performance, how various calls you received, messages, bookings, directions, and website clicks. You can also click the link to learn about Google Ads, upload photos, get a short link to solicit feedback, and create posts.

  • Customers

The Customers section enables you to interact with your customers in ways that have never been easier. You can view and respond to reviews you’ve received from customers and clients, view and reply to messages (remember to revert within 24 hours!), and even answer questions people have asked in the Q&A section from the Customers section.

  • Other Editing Options

You can edit even more information in the scrolling box, such as adding exterior pictures, viewing your call history, and quickly and easily adding an update post. Remember that what you see may vary depending on your category or your ” enabled ” features in your Google Business Profile.

Here are some best practices to optimize your Google My Business listing.

For years, Google My Business has made it easier for local business owners to connect with customers in their area. This free tool can help you get more visibility on search engine results pages and provide local customers with the required solutions. Google has modified the name of its local listing platform, Google My Business (GMB).

Google My Business is being renamed Google Business Profile as the company works to move more business profile management out of the Google My Business app and into Google Search, Google Maps, and their respective apps. Google stated that the new name was chosen to “keep things simple” and that the Google My Business app will be retired entirely by 2022.